Aurora Red Technology ART, is your wise partner in service management. We provide Training, Tools and Management Consulting base on our own experience in different industries. Accredited courses, instructors and proven record of delivering knowledge and expertise with quality and affordable cost.
All the quality but not the cost of big ones!
We Provide Training For
Stablished in 2013 base on simple vision of creating Integrated solutions to make technology serve a worthy purpose.
Aurora Red Technology was born base on an article in flight magazine about Auroras specially the rare one, Red Aurora. The concept of using technology to make life more understandable and science to serve this purpose is not an easy task. It requires an ART of applying knowledge and expertise to current situation, so we can edit the organization's DNA with Value orientation, Stakeholder focused culture. In ART we use AZ-IT, ITIL/YaSM process maps and many trainings to GET I.T. DONE!
What makes us different:
- What our customers are saying about us
- Our instructors
- More than 250 classes
- Over 3300 students
- High pass rate
- Our cost structure creates a lot of saving for direct clients
- Over 30 years of experience in different industries
- Over 21 years of experience in ITSM
- Over 200 clients in North America, over 400 internationally (Training and tools)