HRV.SWISS Sagl Let’s build your capabilities together 
HRV.SWISS stands for “Human Resource Value”. We aim at valorizing Human Resources everywhere in the world by providing high-level Project and Service Management consulting and training. Our focus is building your capabilities in response to increasing business demands and Digital Transformation growth.
We Provide Training For
HRV.SWISS was born in 2016 and it is dedicated to the delivery of continuous training. We aim at improving our customers’ resources capabilities, so that they can be continually valorized and transformed in real assets. HRV.SWISS offers expertise in research with academic management courses; strategy, such as helping companies bring their products to markets; organizational design and optimization; cost reduction through redeveloping systems and processes; IT design, delivery and support; and ecosystems with bundled product and services packages that give customers a better overall deal. Our Management Consultants help organizations improve their business through analyzing their systems and processes and developing programs for Improvement. These include inter alia Change Management Schemes and applying Organizational Change Management.