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Hi there! I’m Jennifer Holbus CEO of MySixSigmaTrainer.Com. As a corporate warrior and project manager, I know what it takes to elevate your career. Like, get your resume on the top 10 list of your dream company. Or increase your team’s productivity and get that promotion.
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As a Six Sigma trainer and course creator, I help all kinds of project managers get to where they want to go. Earning a badge alone isn’t enough. A Six Sigma certification is great. And my course will get you there. But putting what you’ve learned into action is SUPER challenging. That’s why my certification & training courses show you how to implement your Six Sigma certification for real results. Results that your company or hiring manager will notice. I show you how to: Create a hire-worthy resume. Improve communication-style & influence. Stay cool, calm, & responsive under pressure. Respond to problems diplomatically. Understand personality types & what motivates them to be their best. You don’t have to find excuses for staying stuck. You can: Earn a promotion. Get that raise. Land your dream job. If you’re ready to FINALLY move forward in your career. Fill out this form. I'll send you more info!