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We help you navigate in a world with people, processes and data

We help you manage the internal organization needed to deliver the right quality, quantity and on time. Our focus is quality in processes through learning, methodology and cooperation. We are a recognized Six Sigma house that helps all kinds of organizations to optimize their processes, solve complex problems and create lasting changes.
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Since 2002, Storm – House of Six Sigma has been the place where we live and breathe the organization and management philosophy Lean Six Sigma. We never compromise on our professionalism. We have Lean Six Sigma in our DNA, and we always strive to be the best at what we do. Our enthusiasm reflects on our courses and on our customers when we help them do their jobs a bit smarter. People learn the best when they feel safe. All our services are based on the fundamental understanding that we all learn differently, at different periods of time and that this learning must fit in with a very busy schedule in everyday life. That is why we offer highly flexible training courses, where you can control and shape your own Six Sigma development. The most important thing for us is that you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. We do not only train, but we also want you to create value for you and your company.