Your 5 steps to success
Prepare your Computer

Can my device handle the software and what accessories will I need?

Computer Pre-Requisites:

  • ExamShield is applicable with Windows® 8 or macOS Sierra (10.12) onwards
  • Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with 4GB of RAM
  • We advise you to save all your work and exit any open programs such as AnyDesk, Skype, MS Teams etc. that could disrupt your exam process
  • You may need to secure administrative approval from your IT department prior to installation of ExamShield on Corporate devices
  • If your Computer is not running on the latest version of Windows (Windows 11 or later) you may need to install Webview 2. This is only required in the following two occasions:
    • For viewing the full PeopleCert Core Guidance eBook experience during Open Book examinations
    • For all LanguageCert Speaking Exams

Test your system:

  • Install ExamShield (Note: ExamShield is updated once a month, that is why we advise you to confirm your compatibility at least 24 hours before your exam.)
  • The following System Compatibility Check will be carried out by ExamShield on your machine:
    • System Integrity – checks the compliance of your device with ExamShield
    • Audio – checks your audio quality
    • Camera – checks your video quality
    • Internet Connection – ensures your connection satisfies minimum requirements

Prepare the accessories you will need:

  • You are required to have a working pair of speakers and a microphone
    • All LanguageCert exams require wired headsets
  • Keyboard and mouse (or another pointing device)
  • A single web camera which you can rotate 360 degrees

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如何在开卷考试期间使用 ExamShield 上的电子书?

  • 如想充分体验电子书,则需要在考试时使用的电脑上安装 Webview2 Evergreen BootstrapperWindows 11 系统已预装该系统
  • 如果您安装的是较早版本的 Windows,则需在本页面此处下载并安装 Webview2 Evergreen Bootstrapper
  • WebView2 对于朗思的所有口语考试是必备。ExamShield 将会提示您获取 WebView2 Evergreen Bootstrapper
  • 此外,如果考生未安装最新版本的 Windows,并且无法添加额外的软件,则可以在智能手机、平板电脑或笔记本电脑等另外一台移动设备上查看完整电子书,也可以使用纸质版官方核心指导手册。
  • 最后,如未安装 Webview2 Evergreen Bootstrapper,您也可以选择在考试界面使用标准 PDF 版本的电子书。


  • 耳机只允许在考试启动过程中使用。
  • 在考试期间,您必须设置使用扬声器播放声音。
  • PeopleCert 在线考试期间不允许使用耳麦。
  • 所有朗思考试都需要使用有线耳麦。

我无法在公司电脑上下载或安装 ExamShield。

  • 公司电脑通常需执行由管理机构实施的严格集团政策,这会限制用户的访问权限以及/或者电脑的联网权限。
  • 可尝试从 微软商店下载 ExamShield,或者咨询您的 IT 部门了解其他安装方式。

我已安装 ExamShield,但无法连接到我的监考官。

  • ExamShield 需要不间断的网络连接以访问 域名下的多项服务。
    如果您在安装 ExamShield 时遇到问题,请尝试以下操作:
    1. 禁用 VPN,然后重试
    2. 将 ExamShield 列入防火墙与/或杀毒软件白名单,然后重试
  • 请记住,公司电脑通常需执行由管理机构实施的严格集团政策,这会限制用户的访问权限以及/或者电脑的联网权限。请向您的 IT 部门咨询安装方式。如果问题仍然存在,请在此处联系客户服务。
Prepare your Environment

Does my room meet the necessary requirements?

  • Follow the ‘clean desk policy’
    Depending on the exam, you may or may not have access to certain items:
    • Notes, manuals, whiteboards etc
    • Other electronic devices. These include additional headphones, smart watches, screens, monitors, keyboards, cameras, projectors, or projected images/words
  • Your exam room must meet the following requirements in order for your proctor to guarantee that you are taking the exam in a secure environment:
    • It must be private (open spaces are not permitted)
    • You must be alone in the room
    • It must have a door that can be closed and is viewable through your webcam
    • There must be enough light for the proctor to see you clearly at all times during the exam. Light should not be directed towards the webcam








Prepare your Documents

What else should I prepare for my exam?

  • Be ready to display your physical government-issued Photo Identification Document (ID) matching registered data (read our ID policy here)
    • You will be required to verify your identity by showing your ID to the proctor via the webcam
    • Your ID must:

      - Be valid and not expired
      - Include an identifiable photo of you
      - Contain your first/middle names and last name in English (Latin) characters
      - Contain your date of birth, including year
      - Be a physical document (electronic forms of ID will not be accepted)

  • Visit your Candidate Profile and enter the necessary details, including your mobile phone number with the relevant country code



什么是 PeopleCert 的 ID 政策?



Starting your Exam Session

What do I do the day of the exam 24 hours prior?

  • You System Compatibility Check is required 24 hours prior to your exam, even if you have already completed it
  • Log into ExamShield using your credentials
  • The ExamShield platform will provide guidance to the Self-Onboarding process. You will need to:
    • Accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Read the exam instructions
    • View a short exam tutorial that will familiarise you with the exam process
    • Check all the exam rules and confirm that you have read and approved them
    • Scan your ID by either taking a picture of it with your webcam or uploading an image file of the document when prompted
    • Connect to your proctor



    ExamShield 要求提供考生编号与考试 PIN 码,而不是电子邮件与密码。

    • 这是由于安装过程中出错或文件访问权限不足所致。
      1.卸载当前版本的 ExamShield
      2.将 ExamShield 列入防火墙与/或杀毒软件白名单,然后重试
      3.此处或者从微软商店下载并安装最新版本 ExamShield。
    • 如果问题仍然存在,并且您使用的是公司电脑,请咨询您的 IT 部门了解安装方式。如果问题仍无法解决,请通过此处联系客户服务。 
    Exam Experience

    What will happen during the online exam?

    • PeopleCert’s Online Proctor joins the session, validates, and starts your exam
    • PeopleCert’s expertly trained Online Proctors guide you through the exam process and make sure that your experience is comfortable, secure, and stress-free
    • Online Proctors will observe you in a non-intrusive way throughout the entire exam time and will be available should you need any help or in case something goes wrong
    • At PeopleCert, we strive to assist you in every way possible, helping you to concentrate on your examination while we handle the rest




    • 监考官将会全程监督考试。如果发生任何情况,可以直接与监考官语音沟通或在聊天框内打字联系监考官。
    • 如果无法建立通信,监考官将会尝试发送电子邮件,或者致电您在 PeopleCert 帐户中提供的联系电话,以告知您后续的操作步骤。

    我已经安装 ExamShield,但无法与监考官建立连接

    • ExamShield 要求与 域下的多项服务进行不间断联网。
      1.禁用 VPN,然后重试
      2.将 ExamShield 列入防火墙与/或杀毒软件白名单,然后重试
    • 公司电脑通常需执行由管理机构实施的严格集团政策,这会限制用户的访问权限以及/或者电脑的联网权限。请向您的 IT 部门咨询安装方式。如果此问题仍然存在,请通过此处联系客户服务。 
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