PeopleCert Scrum Developer

PeopleCert Scrum Developer (PCSD)

Collaborate. Adapt. Deliver.

PeopleCert Scrum Developer (PCSD) was designed for all professionals who wish to master the Scrum Framework and the role of the Scrum Developer.

Pivot your organisation's growth with industry-leading product development!

Scrum is a lightweight framework that enables teams and organisations to design, develop, and deliver better products faster, while adapting to external changes.

Scrum originated in Software Development and IT, where it was used to deliver high-quality and complex software products. Today, Scrum is adapted across multiple business functions (operations, security, marketing, sales, HR, etc.) making it an ideal enabler for agile transformation initiatives.

The Scrum Developer Role

Within a Scrum team, the Developers work iteratively across each Sprint to create any aspect of a usable increment. Before each Sprint, they work on Spring Planning and building the Sprint Backlog, and during the Sprint they meet daily and adapt their plan toward the Sprint Goal.

The Developers establish the Definition of Done (DoD), to ensure all increments meet the agreed quality measures required for the product. As members of a self-managed team, they hold each other accountable as professionals.

Why should you get PCSD certified?

Although Scrum is lightweight and easy to understand, it is also very hard to master. Today, 81% of organisations use Scrum (66%) or a Scrum Hybrid (15%) as they have embraced agility, but only 16% report that their agile maturity is above average. This creates an urgency for up- and re-skilling, to match the need.

Becoming a PCSD certified professional will help you prove your skills and stand out from the crowd.

5 + 1 reasons why you need a PCSD certification

  • Help your organisation accomplish greater business agility
  • Facilitate value creation for customers, users, and other stakeholders
  • Build the right mindset to effectively work within a Scrum Team
  • Practical, interactive, lightweight
  • Get certified anytime, anyplace


Learning areas covered (FAQ widget if possible)

  1. Agile and Scrum Fundamentals
    Understand the core concepts of Agile Project management and the Scrum framework (roles, events, artifacts) and how these relate to the Scrum Developer role specifically.
  2. Collaboration and Team Dynamics
    Understand what effective are and how to collaborate within a cross-function, self-managing team and also with external stakeholders.
  3. Architecture and Design
    Understand what Agile Architecture is, its principles and benefits
  4. Refactoring
    Understand what Quality Code is, how to manage technical dept, and why refactoring is needed in Agile software development.
  5. Test-Driven Development (TDD)
    Understand what Test-Driven Development (TDD) is and how it works with Agile testing
  6. Integrating Continuously
    Understand how you can use Scrum and DevOps together and how Continuous Integration works within a Scrum environment.


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  • LEVEL Core


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    Hands-on & Practical

    Mastering Scrum requires practical guidance

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    Career Opportunities

    KPMG’s 2019 Agile Survey showed that only 15% of employees have the agile skills needed

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    Deliver valuable increments

    Great products are created by Developers who collaborate, work iteratively and instill the Definition-of-Done in each Sprint





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