ITIL 4 Practitioner: Service level Management Mock exam

ITIL4 Practitioner: Service Level Management Mock Exam

The ITIL 4 Practitioner: Service Level Management practice module provides best practice guidance on how to set clear, business-based targets for service utility, warranty, and experience, and to ensure that service delivery and use is properly assessed, monitored and managed against these targets.


This practice module is for IT professionals who want to prove and validate their skills in this specific practice area. The individuals can demonstrate their understanding and application of the key concepts, principles, value and challenges of the practice at both strategic and operational levels, maximising value of the Service Level Management practice in their everyday work.


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Key benefits of taking a PeopleCert Mock Exam:


    • Practice before the final exam
    • Focus study efforts on the areas needed
    • Familiarise with the exam environment
    • Tackle exam-anxiety
    • Enhance time-management skills
    • Build mental stamina


Prior to starting your mock exam, you will be provided with the instructions and any possible information you need to know for the simulation. After you complete your mock exam, you will receive a test report with results, indicating areas of improvements based on your answers. You can download the test report upon finishing the Mock Exam or from your profile at


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