PeopleCert Lean IT Leadership

Lean IT Leadership ensures that people in a leadership role within an IT organisation know what they need to do to help to develop it into a Lean IT organisation.

Lean IT Leadership builds on the basic knowledge acquired through the Lean IT Foundation, by focusing on ensuring that people in a leadership role within an IT organisation know what they need to do to help to develop it into a Lean IT organisation. The role may be carried out in a formal or informal capacity. 

While not a prerequisite to Lean IT Leadership, candidates will benefit from understanding the Lean IT Kaizen role as one of the core tasks of Lean IT Leadership is driving and teaching continuous improvement. The tools for this task are covered in detail in the Kaizen course.

Key learning Objectives

With Lean IT Leadership, professionals already certified with Lean IT Foundation can profit from learning:

  • Understand the importance of self-development and seeing what is happening both to self and within the organization
  • Understand the importance of developing others as an integral part of Lean IT Leadership
  • The key aspects of the Continuous Improvement
  • The Lean IT Leadership as a role in creating Vision, Goals & Communication
  • How to organize a strategy to operations and how to execute a Lean IT Transformation
  • The key components of the A3 Method

Who is Lean IT Leadership for:

Lean IT Leadership is of interest to IT professionals in a leadership role, both formal (i.e. managerial) and informal.

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