Lean IT

Lean IT

Lean IT certifications are offered by the Lean IT Association, a non-profit organisation founded by three Examination Institutes along with three Accredited Training Organisations.

The goal of Lean IT is to continuously improve the value delivered by IT organisations to their customers and the professionalism of IT people.

Who is Lean IT for?

The Lean IT certification scheme is aimed at practitioner organisations looking to adopt Lean IT principles in the IT Service development and operations department. It is also aimed at professionals looking to become certified in Lean IT on various levels.

Lean IT Certification levels

The Lean IT certification scheme consists of 4 distinct certifications for various levels, starting at entry level with Lean IT Foundation.

More advanced levels include

Each level introduces more knowledge and skills, eventually leading up to competences that enable a professional to support corporate introduction or development of Lean IT implementations.




Lean IT Frequently Asked Questions

Lean IT Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Lean IT classes remotely?

Yes. Some accredited training providers offer virtual classrooms and e-learning.

Which exams are available online?

All Lean IT exams are available online.

Which exams do not need to go through a training provider and allow me to self-study?

In order to take any Lean IT exam, you need to attend a class through an accredited training organisation.

How long does the exam take?

Exam times vary depending on the level. Check each level separately to find out exam duration.

Are the exam questions multiple choice, essay style or both?

All questions are multiple choice.

When will I receive the mark from my exam?

For computer based exams, preliminary exams are available immediately after the exam has finished and are subject to final verification from PeopleCert. For paper based exams, results are sent within 2 days upon receipt of the exam papers.

In what languages are Lean IT exams available?

Lean IT exams languages are available in a variety of languages. Please check each module separately to find out the available exams.