SDI Qualifications

SDI Qualifications

The Service Desk Institute's internationally recognized Standards for service desk and IT support professionals set out clear definitions for the key service desk roles and form the basis of SDI’s Service Desk Analyst (SDA) and Service Desk Manager (SDM) qualifications.
The qualifications verify candidates’ understanding of service desk requirements and skills and are designed to positively impact the effectiveness of the critically important IT support functions that keep today's organisations’ technology running.

Service Desk Analyst (SDA)

SDA is designed to provide service desk and support analysts with the skills to work consistently within industry recognized standards and in-line with the best practices guidelines. The SDA qualification certifies an individual’s knowledge of customer service and support competencies.

Service Desk Manager (SDM)

An effective service desk manager is required to have a broad range of skills, including people-oriented abilities, marketing awareness, financial acumen and presentation know-how. The SDM qualification recognizes an individual’s knowledge of the competency requirements and skills required to be a manager of a service