MoV Practitioner

The MoV Practitioner Level proves you have sufficient knowledge and understanding to apply and tailor MoV in a scenario situation.

The MoV Practitioner Certification is suitable for individuals who want to demonstrate they have achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding of the MoV guidance and are able to tailor and apply it in a scenario situation.

With suitable direction and facilitation skills, a successful MoV Practitioner should be able to start applying the method to real situations. The individual’s experience, the complexity of the situation, and the level of support provided are factors that will also influence the impact the Practitioner can achieve.

Who is MoV Practitioner for:

MoV Practitioner is suitable for management and staff in organisations wishing to use MoV. It is also intended for professionals involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programmes and projects, including Senior Management, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers and Project and Programme Office staff and their sponsors. MoV is also valuable for those who apply the methods in other PPM guides to build on and enhance the activities to maximise value and delivery of benefits.

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